Wednesday, January 7, 2009


It's a couple of weeks too late for Christmas and six months too early for my birthday, but I've recently discovered some cool stuff that just has to be added to J.R.'s Wish List.

Zot! Special Edition: The Complete Black and White Collection: 1987-1991 (Hardcover) comes to me via Bully's annual Fun Fifty. The other 49 would all make me happy, too, but I've been wanting to get to know Zot.) Update 6/2009: Got it for my birthday. Thanks, Mom!

Also, I discovered The Austin Lounge Lizards while shifting through CDs at a pawn shop. Why didn't you all tell me about the Lounge Lizards? They're wonderful. I bought their CD, The Drugs I Need, at the aforementioned pawn shop and have added their other albums to my Amazon wish list.

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