Sunday, March 29, 2009

Banjo versus TV: Week 51

A weekly check-in on the Banjo versus TV project — J.R.'s resolution to spend more time in 2008 on his banjo than on TV. This post covers 12/16/2008 through 12/22/2008.
Banjo ?? hrs, TV ?? hours

It's the busy holiday season. Music-wise, this week has been all about the preparations for the Royal Moose Jug Band's performance.

This week's banjo lesson, for example, didn't have much to do with the banjo per se. Instead I asked Dave for his advice as a recording engineer. Dave runs Shu-Man Studios and is an expert in such things.

Also in the last week:

  • While trying to work out sheet music for the Royal Moose Jug Band I ran across a good article: Bluegrass Harmony Vocals.
  • Haven't had time yet for our annual viewing of our three traditional Christmas movies...
    1. A Christmas Carol with Alastair Sim
    2. Elf with Will Ferrel
    3. Bad Santa with Billy Bob Thornton
    ...but will try to fit them in before the end of the year. (Note from the future: Nope, we didn't get to our traditional Christmas movie viewing. Better luck next [this] year. - 3/29/2009)

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