Sunday, August 9, 2009

Help ID these costumes from Chicago Comic-Con 2009

Once again I took a ton of photos of cosplayers at Chicago Comic-Con (formerly Wizard World Chicago) and, geek that I am, I was able to identify most of the costumes and label them in my Flickr set.

All modesty aside, I'm really good at that. I mean, come on. If I can identify Beth Deville...

Beth Deville from Y The Last Man at Chicago Comic-Con 2009

...who can't I identify?

A lot of costumes, actually. So here's where you all get to help out. Can you help me identify the following?

Is this Riddler? I mean, she's Riddler-esque, but there are no question marks.

The Warden from Superjail at Chicago Comic-Con 2009
Update 8/16/2009: The Warden from Superjail! Thanks to Money Mike for the ID.

This guy is really familiar. Death Something? Something Walker?

Costume at Chicago Comic-Con 2009 046
Update 8/11/2009: Skeletor. I am so embarrassed. Thanks to all the folks at AgileTek's company meeting who set me straight.

OK, so I don't know my women of GI Joe. Yeah, I know the woman on the left is Baroness, but who's the one on the right?

Costume at Chicago Comic-Con 2009 059
Update 8/9/2009: Baroness and Scarlett

Darn it, I know I've seen this costume in a previous year and was eventually able to identify it as a character in a video game. What's her name?

Costume at Chicago Comic-Con 2009 063 Costume at Chicago Comic-Con 2009 064

She definitely wanted to strike this pose for the photo. Should that be a hint as to who she is?

Costume at Chicago Comic-Con 2009 116

Yes, she is adorable. But who is she?

Costume at Chicago Comic-Con 2009 120

These are characters from Street Fighter, right? But who? (Yeah, I'm weak on post-1986 video games.)

Costumes at Chicago Comic-Con 2009 081 Costumes at Chicago Comic-Con 2009 082


Money Mike said...

Pic 84 is "The Warden" from Superjail! (Adult Swim)

Jenifer said...

It is much appreciated. Although, I do think you left out "The Bitch Is Back" and "You May Be Right" from the set they did together at the end of the show.
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