Saturday, October 17, 2009

Mark your calendar: Chicago's Second Annual Battle of the Jug Bands

It's the Big C's big B. It's the Second City's second annual. The battle that's big in the city that butchers pig.

Yes, it's Chicago's Second Annual Battle of the Jug Bands. We've got a space, a line-up, a poster and everything!

Who?You, watching opening act Northside Southpaws and cheering on six competing jug bands: The Barehand Jug Band, Strictly Jug Nuts, Deep Fried Pickle Project, The Hump Night Thumpers, The Brass Note Jug Band and The Schticklers.
What?No-holds-barred jug band action.
When?Saturday, November 12th at 7:00 pm
Where?Morseland, 1218 W Morse Ave, Chicago, IL 60626, (773)764-8900
Why?Because last year was so much fun.
How much?Seven bucks, cheap!

I'll be there, competing as part of The Brass Note Jug Band. You should be there, too.

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