Saturday, January 2, 2010

Banjo versus TV week 95: Christmas

A check-in on the Banjo versus TV project — J.R.'s ongoing plan to spend more time on his banjo than on TV. This post covers 12/20/2009 through 12/26/2009.
Banjo 590 hrs, TV 534 hours

Banjo-related stuff that I was given for Christmas:

Christmas Time with Ralph Stanley Ralph Stanley & The Clinch Mountain Boys - Man of Constant Sorrow The Stanley Brothers & The Clinch Mountain Boys - The Complete Mercury Recordings Ralph Stanley - Old Time Pickin': A Clawhammer Banjo Collection Ralph Stanley - A Distant Land to Roam: Songs of the Carter Family The Christmas Jug Band - Mistletoe Jam

Thanks to all gift-givers. Hope you get as much enjoyment out of what I got you.

Also in the last week:

  • I got a copy of the Country Cooking CD because it's got some good examples of endings.

    Country Cooking
  • Way more TV time (7h 9m) than banjo time (1h 46m) as we watched Christmas stuff.
  • One activity that counted as both banjo and TV (per the rules): the annual watching of the Emmett Otter's Jug Band Christmas DVD.

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Mary said...

Ahem! HGTR shirt does not count as banjo related??

J.R. Jenks said...

I didn't open your HGTR shirt until week 96, Future Girl.

Mary said...

It was a Christmas gift though...

J.R. Jenks said...

Happy now?