Monday, October 4, 2010

Steampunk keytar idea

It's just occurred to me that the Hohner S32 Melodica...

Hohner S32 Melodica

...could be modded to make a steampunk keytar.

I mean, it runs on a stream of air so all you'd need to do is to connect up the steam! And it's only $38.99 at Amazon.

Yes, I know that other people have created so-called steampunk keytars...

...but those are electric instruments wrapped up in gadgetry. I'm talking about making music from actual steam heat!


Mary said...

Some concerns here:

1-seems like it would be awkward and not very portable

2-would you need a heat resistant outfit? or some other way to prevent getting burned?

3-is this safe to have around children?

J.R. Jenks said...

1) True and true.

2) That would look awesome and only if you're not truly dedicated.

3) Safe shmafe.