Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Gallery of J.R.'s Halloween costumes

At our Monday night Toastmasters meeting I gave the seventh of ten speeches toward my Competent Communication Award, titled "Dress for the Job You Want." Really, it was a thinly-veiled excuse to update and show off the gallery of my Halloween costumes.

Not counting the two photos that convey the idea but aren't actually photos of my Halloween costumes, I now have 8 photos of costumes so my photo collection is 18.6% complete. If anyone's got photos to add to my collection, please let me know.

1965 Clown 1975 Alien and alien dog 1976 Volcano 1983 Jester 1987 (approx.) Rorschach 2002 USA Gorilla 2004 Terror Alert System 2005 Gorilla French Maid 2006 Star Wars Holiday Special DVD 2007 Galactus

Update 10/31/2009:

2009 Tool (from Tool Academy)

Update 2/23/2010: My friends Laurie and Jay gave me a picture of myself as Rorschach that I now use instead of that picture of some other guy as Rorschach. Thanks!

Update 10/31/2010: Halloween 2010: Stork with twins

2010 Stork with twins 2010 Stork with twins (closeup)

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