Thursday, May 20, 2010

I defeated the iTurd

Yeah, so I dropped my iPhone in the toilet. Or as The iPod Toilet Trap calls it, I "pulled off an iTurd."

A virtual reenactment

Naturally this messed up my iPhone, but it's back in action again. Here's how.

Packing the iPhone in rice for a couple of days (as the Toilet Trap recommends) fixed most of the resulting problems...

  • Phone kept powering up immediately after shutdown
  • Sleep/Wake button wouldn't work
  • Home button wouldn't work
  • Couldn't make calls because the SIM card was unrecognized

...but I kept getting this annoying message that popped up at seemingly random times:

Apparently the moisture messed up something in the docking connector, causing the iPhone to intermittently detect a new audio device.

I spoke with a genius at the Apple store about the problem but she told me that they wouldn't fix the phone because the moisture indicator had been tripped. She said I'd have to purchase a replacement phone.

Fortunately I didn't follow her advice. Instead I found a fix on YouTube that suppressed the popup. The fix (Cydia Popup Blocker) required me to jailbreak my iPhone, but since my warranty was shot because of the moisture indicator there was no reason not to.

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