Monday, July 23, 2012

Banjo joke on Star Trek: Voyager

To boldly pluck...

I just got a sci-fi banjo joke from 17 years ago and 67,000 light years away.

In the 2001 pilot episode ("Caretaker") for Star Trek: Voyager we learn the show's premise: Voyager is pulled across the galaxy by a mysterious caretaker and must make its way back home.

The caretaker assumes several forms, including that of an elderly banjo player...

Hello there stranger, how do you do?

...who plays a few licks here and there.

The joke (such as it is) occurs when the crew approaches approaches the banjo man asking as he's sitting on a lawn couch, plucking idly. I think he's playing "Go Home."

If you've got Netflix you can check for yourself around the 35:40 mark in Star Trek: Voyager in Watch Instantly.

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