Saturday, May 19, 2007

Geocaching: Found a crack pipe

The further adventures of J.R. Jenks, world's worst geocacher.

I've been dabbling in geocaching for a couple of weeks. How am I doing? So far, not so good.

The only two caches I've found have been virtual caches ("GC5165 ORD Layover" and "GCAC5F Monument"), which means that there's no actual prize to be found at the locations. Not even a log book.

Allow me to express my disappointment in virtual geocaches SAT-style:
real geocache :: virtual geocache
toy in cereal box :: mail-in "collect five coupons" coupon on back of cereal box
I've tried to find real geocaches (which calls traditional caches) and although I'm sure I've passed within a few feet of several caches ("GCRR99 Bart: Pleasant Hill Station ", "GC102Y2 Outta The Park!", "GC10TT6 Shop, Shop 'til you drop", "GCV3YK Grate Lake" and "GCJ9WZ Tales From Outside the Crypt") I have yet to find a stupid box with my stupid prize inside. I found an abandoned crack pipe near "GCV3YK Grate Lake", but I'm 99.9% sure that's not the cache.

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