Friday, May 4, 2007

Cutter Summit 2007: Sunday Miscellany

Sunday (4/29/2007) miscellany from conversations at the Cutter Consortium's Summit 2007:

There was a great at-least-an-hour-long conversation about the English temperament, with participants hailing from Mexico (Julio César Margáin), the U.S. (me, Bart Perkins and Tim Hughes), India (Mehmood Kahn) and England (Paul Robertson). Paul recommendeded Kate Fox' book "Watching the English" so strongly that I've just got to get it now. Mehmood related one of the tidbits from the book: "The English are the only people who would form a one-person queue." See what I mean?

John Tibbets recommended a web site:

Another book recommendation: Bob Charette recommended "In Over Our Heads" by (Cagan?)

Bob Charette has a new book on risk management directed at parents. It'll be coming out in a few months and it's called "Decision Empowerment: A Parent's Guide to Raising Good Decision Makers".

Bob, Ed Yourdon and I were discussing the military's risk management and I recalled a 2001 Washington Monthly cover story by Eric Umansky, "Studs and Duds". (Subtitle: "In Afghanistan, the Navy has weapons that work. So why don't the Army and Air Force?") I've used this article as an example of the benefits of testing early and often. I recommend it to other agilists. (Note to self: Find the link and send it to Bob.) (Update: Found and sent. It's

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