Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Cutter Summit 2007: Managing IT Priorities

Rogelio Oliva's "Case Study: Managing IT Priorities at Volkswagen of America" at the Cutter Summit 2007 was an intense experience. We discussed things in a fashion that was so fast and furious that I couldn't possibly keep up.

So I thought I'd try a Web 2.0 trick and create a cloud of the group discussion.
accountable accurate addressing align alignment allocate america applications arbitrary argue argument bandage base beginning being benefits better blah board bonus brings budget business care case category ceo chain choices chose cio classified column commitment company compensated complex complicated congress consolidation constraint continued core corporate costs create creation customer debate decisions defined demand dependencies detect didn different discretionary discussion don elbows employment enterprise erp executive fair federal federalist fight financials fix flawed flow force free functional fund future game generate gets global goals going governance government growth guy happen head heavy helping id idea important inclusive infinite information infrastructure infrequent interesting investment isolation issue larger leaders leadership leeway level list loyalty managers mandate mandatory map mapping marketing million missing model moment money necessarily night number objectives organization overhead people phase platform pot priorities prioritize problem process profit programming projects proposal question ranking re really resources result return revenue risk roi room sale sales sap satisfaction seems sequence settling sham share shift sixty specific speed spend sponsor stable stay stayed story strategy stuff submit supply supposed system table tax technology things threw throw tie top total trump trust type unit unrealistic vague value volkswagen wait whatever willing wiped wish worth wrong year
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To create the input for the cloud generator I listened closely to the discussion and captured every significant word that I could possibly type.


ryanyu_3 said...

Hey there,

Do you happen to have any notes for the Managing IT Priorities case from the debate? I am very interested in what were some of the arguments given.

you can contact me at born2be_lazy@hotmail.com


J.R. Jenks said...

No, I don't have any notes except for the cloud I posted. Like I said, the discussion went by too quickly for me to do my usual note-taking.

But if you really want to know what was said, the Cutter folks recorded all of the events and offer the CDs individually or as a set. I purchased the set. You can purchase them here.