Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Banjo blogging

BanjoThings I learned at banjo lesson three.
  • My instructor, Mike, is supportive and understanding if I don't practice between sessions.
  • My instructor, Mike, doesn't slow down the pace of what he's teaching me if I don't practice between sessions.
  • How to plink out the melody while I'm doing the Seeger-style boom-titty-boom-titty harmony. (My practice piece: "Will the Circle Be Unbroken?")
  • My right hand timing is excellent.
  • My right hand technique is wrong, wrong, wrong. I need to be moving my whole forearm (not just the wrist) straight away from the banjo (not pivoting upward) and I need to strum with my fingers (not my wrist). (What good is that wrist, anyway?)
  • The hammer! (Called "the hammer-on" here.)
  • A two-note introduction. Woo!

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