Monday, August 13, 2007

Plastic Man costume how-to

How I created the Plastic Man costume that debuted at Wizard World 2007 Chicago.

Plastic Man Math #1 - The Headpiece

Plastic Man Math #2 - The Upper Body

Plastic Man Math #3 - The Lower Body

Plastic Man Math #4 - The Suit

Plastic Man Math #5 - The Belt

Plastic Man Math #6 - Put It All Together


lewismio said...

Hey J.R. I am planning a plastic man cosplay and i would like to know where you got your leotard from and how you actually cut the v so low without tearing the fabric once you put it on?

I know this is from ages ago but i would really appreciate a reply. Thanks!

J.R. Jenks said...

Happy to help out another cosplayer!

I got the cotton leotard at store that sells dance supplies. I got one that showed just a little cleavage, but not much.

To make it show cleavage down to the belt I fashioned an S-hook (out of coathanger wire, IIRC) and hooked on side to the inside top of the belt and hooked the other side to the neckline of the leotard.

lewismio said...

Oh okay. So you didnt actually cut it you just stretched it down with the hook?

Thanks for the reply!