Friday, June 22, 2007

BARcamp Chicago this weekend

I'm one of the organizers for...

What? BARcamp Chicago
When? 12:00 noon Saturday June 23 - 20:00 (8:00pm) Sunday June 24
Where? 1464 N Milwaukee, Chicago (Wicker Park) (
Who? You and an expected 200 others (

Amongst our topics are such elements as:
  • Advanced Photography On Linux
  • Mass Customization: The Next Revolution in Software is Hardware (Ziad Hussain)
  • Old Technology: Not a formal talk, but a discussion of all things Low Tech, from steam engines to dripping water clocks. I just want to see how many other people are fascinated by this. Look for the guy with the Ballista. (TimSaylor)
  • Kirix: Strata Code Sprint -- building dynamic web mash-ups with RSS and a data browser (Aaron Williams)
  • Cleversafe, Inc.: Global Data Dispersal (John Quigley)
  • Chicago Linux: Brewing Beer at Home (Tristan Sloughter)
  • Chicago Lisp: Anatomy of Lisp (John Quigley)
  • Developing cross-platform applications using wxWidgets (Dave Williams)
  • Ruby on rails deep dive (ActiveRecord internals) (Mike Mangino)
  • Rich applications with Groovy and Swing (James Williams)
  • A.I.: Learning coding libraries through operator learning and representation. Practical methods of extending complex systems (FRDCSA).
  • Getting started in bug work in F/OSS software projects. (Freddy Martinez)
  • Mobile Web 2.0 ideas and brainstorming session
  • Mobile Web 2.0 MobHackaThon (go live by the end of the day)
  • Entrepreneur's Circle Of Progress - what are you getting done?
  • Web App Security analytics for session management - Jason Rexilius
  • Foresight Linux, don't you want your desktop to be cool and intro to Conary packaging Ken VanDine
  • Domainer's Swap Meet. Buy/sell/trade with other domainers. One man's trash is another man's $100/day AdSense play. Michael Carruth
  • Conary packaging and a demo of a MythTV Appliance Ken VanDine
  • Chicago Gnome User Group Meeting
  • Jason Jacobsohn - Discussion of Business Resources for Entrepreneurs: Chicagoland Entrepreneurial Center, 12A Investment Fund, and The Big Idea Forum
  • Humanized - Tales from developing Enso
  • Gizmometer: Keeping Tabs On Your System When You've Got Other Things To Do (Conrad Albrecht Buehler)
And that's just the planned stuff. Lots of unplanned stuff is also planned.

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