Sunday, June 3, 2007

Linus hates all SCM except Git

Linus Torvald's recent comments on SCM (Source Control Management) kicked off an interesting discussion at Slashdot comparing different SCM packages. Linus trashes every SCM tool I've ever used (CVS, Subversion [SVN], ClearCase, Perforce and Visual Source Safe [VSS]) and presents Git as the be-all and end-all of SCM software.

Some points (and some of my own comments) from the ensuing Slashdot discussion:
  • Internally, Microsoft has used Source Depot, their own specially-modified version of Perforce. (I understand that Microsoft is now pushing its internal developers to eat their own dog food and use Hatteras, which is the SCM portion of Team Foundation Server. AgileTek is about to kick off a project that uses Hatteras and I'm eager to see how well it works.)
  • General agreement that CVS sux. (I use it heavily and can heartily agree. We've in the process of moving from CVS to Subversion. I've personally been using Subversion for some time and I really like it.)
  • Mixed agreement on whether Subversion sux. (Heh.)
  • Total agreement that Visual SourceSafe sux. (In other news: water is wet.)
As I was searching for more information on the above issues I ran across a 2005 controversy surrounding Microsoft's implementation of test-driven development in their tools. Curious? Several relevant links have been lost to time, but you can find the story here, thanks to the Internet Archive WayBackMachine.

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