Sunday, June 10, 2007

Surfing with J.R.

Check out the Speed Demon Photography contest at Cre:source (via Chaos Digest). To the left is a bursting water balloon. To the right is a racing dog that you've just got to zoom in on.

"Security Now!" is one of my must-listen podcasts. Their latest series on authentication (#90: "Multifactor Authentication", #94: "The Fourth Factor" and #95: "OpenID") is especially good. I listen to the weekly episodes in the car, but if you like text better you can read the transcripts at The show is one of several TWiT shows produced by Leo Laporte for his network. I like "Security Now!" so much that I figured I'd love Leo's other shows, but after a few weeks of listening I've found "Windows Weekly" to be too slow-moving for my tastes. Perhaps I should try "net@nite" or "FLOSS Weekly".

I followed a 43Folders link and I think I've found a new favorite blog: Marc Andreessen's (Yes, that Marc Andreessen.) Some of the posts that won me over:Of course, Marc's blog is only eight days old so it (and my opinion) may change. But right now, I'm lovin' it.

Good to know I'm not the only person who perennially suffers from Windows rot. I'm a little disappointed to find that I'm not the first person to use the term, though.

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