Friday, June 8, 2007

Bluegrass screen of death

I was just listening to Sirius bluegrass and I caught Tim O'Brien's Runnin' Out Of Memory. It's a great mixup of Windows, bluegrass and love. Some of the lyrics:
I opened up my PC casing
I thought I knew just what I'd do
But it was all for naught
There were no expansion slots
And I'm a runnin out of memory for you

My color screen won't even function
It's one big solid field of blue
My hard drive it went soft
My application coughed
And I'm a runnin out of memory for you

You can hear a sample at Amazon; track 8 of the Cornbread Nation album.

On a related note: The Top 10 Reasons Why Tim O'Brien Hasn't Won a Grammy Until Now (from 2006).

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