Sunday, October 21, 2007

Comparing the Galacti

There are so many options when putting together a Galactus costume. Just look at the work of six artists.

Jack KirbyJohn BuscemaAlex Ross
MoebiusKeith PollardMark Engblom

See the differences? Let's summarize.

Jack KirbyBareBlueBluePurpleBare
John BuscemaBluePurpleRedRed (?)Purple gloves
Alex RossBarePurpleRedRedRed gloves
MoebiusBlueRedRedRedRed gloves
Keith PollardBluePurplePurple and bluePurplePurple gloves
Mark EngblomBlueRedRedRedRed gloves

The variety of options is good news for me. It means that I can shop for pieces and parts in a variety of colors, and that I can declare just about anything I put together as "authentic".

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