Monday, October 1, 2007

F-ing banjo chord hurts my pinky

Want to see a picture of pain? See the little L in the F major chord (to the left)?

That's my aching pinky finger.

My latest banjo song, Preamble, requires the F major chord so I've go to use my weak little pinky finger in ways that it's just not used to being used. And it hurts.

I think the problem is two-fold. First, my pinky has no callous. In fact, if there's an opposite of callous, that's what my pinky has. Second, my pinky has no strength.

To address problem #1, I consulted an expert. My sister has raised three stringed-instrument players so she knows about these things. She suggested I try something called "New Skin" ("Nu-skin"? "Nu skin"?) which is a sort of artificial callous.

As for problem #2, I'm not sure how best to strengthed my left pinky. Maybe I'll change all my passwords to "qazqazqazqaz1".

1 comment:

Daryl Gregory said...

Excellent! Logging in to your bank account now, and... oh hell, this hurts too much.

Keep your damn money. I'm going to go ice my hand.