Friday, October 26, 2007

Galactus is dyeing

No, I said "dyeing"Yeah, I'd previous claimed I'd be able to use just about any palette of Galactus colors and I'd be OK, but the truth is I'm pretty picky about my Galactus colors. So I took digital photos of my possible materials and color options and extracted a patch of each.

Then I found an head-on, full-body portrait of Galactus and used Photoshop to break it into color sections, with one layer for each color of each section.

By making only certain layers visible I was able to play around with my fabric color options until I hit on the right combination.

My final choice, the red-helmeted one above, required me to dye only one of my materials: that tan, cotton sweater. It's just as well that I didn't need to dye any of the fleece because that really wasn't an option. Modern fleece made from artifical materials that reject custom dyes.

Here's a before-and-after shot.


(Note the shrinkage. Those are both size L shirts, but the one on the right has been machine-washed, dyed with deep violet Dylon Fabric Dye, machine-washed again then machine-dried.)

With properly-colored fabrics in hand, it was time to begin construction.

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