Sunday, October 7, 2007

Right Ho, Bully!

I'd like to extend a big Thank You! to the soft-hooved one.

Bully, the Little Stuffed Bull, has been inspirational in his advocacy of P. G. Wodehouse. As I'm writing this, Bully has just published #23 in his Wodehouse a Week series.

And he's made a convert out of me.

As CTO of a software company I read a lot of technical, non-fiction stuff. And by "read" I mean "read, listen to, attend conferences about, dream about, etc." In recent months I've recognized that I've been neglecting fiction. (Or, I've been neglecting non-non-fiction, if you know what I mean.)

So I took a trip to the library with the intent of adding some fiction to my diet. They had P. G. Wodehouse' "Right Ho, Jeeves!" as a book-on-tape, so I decided to see what Bully's been fussing about.

Love. It.

The Jeeves series is perfect for the book-on-tape format. You can tell that the readers love speaking in the various voices, especially the voice of the series' narrator and mentally negligible protagonist, Bertram Wooster.

I won't retread the ground that Bully's cushy hooves have already covered by telling you how delightful and so-very-fun Wodehouse' writing is. I'll just add my endorsement for all things Wodehouse and encourage you all to climb on board the Wodehouse bandwagon.

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Bully said...

Hooray, J.R.! Yes, P.G. is perfect for books-on-tape, and I also recommend the BBC full-cast dramatizations, especially of the Jeeves stories, which star Richard Briers (from The Good Life/Good Neighbors) as Bertie and Michael Hordern (Gandalf on the radio version of The Lord of the Rings) as Jeeves.

Thank you for the lovely salute! Cheers to you too!