Saturday, June 27, 2009

Banjo versus TV week 68: My second banjoversary

A check-in on the Banjo versus TV project — J.R.'s ongoing plan to spend more time on his banjo than on TV. This post covers 6/14/2009 through 6/20/2009.
Banjo 425 hrs, TV 398 hours

It's my 2nd banjoversary, so I'm undertaking my annual two part retrospective and looking forward to how I'm going to do things in the year to come.

I am also — and this is really important — getting banjoversary presents! This year's take includes:

Also in the last week:

  • I watched a little bit of a DVD that's beyond my skill right now: Banjo Improvisation: A Master Class with Jayme Stone, which is available from Woodhall Music. Good stuff on single string, melodic style and other stuff that I'll be ready for some day. You can find Jayme at
  • My local Toastmasters group roasted me. The banjo jokes, how they did fly! Examples:
    • What do you say to a banjo player wearing a 3 piece suit? "Will the defendent please rise?"
    • Why do people take such instant hatred towards the banjo? It saves time.
    • What is the most seldom heard comment made of banjo players? "Say, isn't that the banjo player's Porsche?"

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