Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Banjoversary look-ahead: Plans for the next year

We're at the point in my 2nd banjoversary blogging where I shift from looking back to looking forward. What are my plans going to be for the coming year?

Well, some of this year's plans are the same as last year's:

  • I will continue the Banjo versus TV project, making sure I spend at least as much time on my banjo as I spend watching television. I've learned that I need projects like this too keep myself on track.
  • I will keep taking banjo lessons with Dave.
  • I will work towards my 2009 resolution to get good at jamming by going to jams as often as I can. (And I will earn that free sandwich at Costello's Early County/Bluegrass Jam yet!)
  • I will continue learning guitar chords so I can follow the guitar player at jams.

But my banjoversary ruminations have put me in mind of some new plans for the coming year. I draw each of these ideas from a few different sources, including Dave, my readings and some of the sessions I took at Midwest Banjo Camp.

  • I will treat my banjo training like sports training.
  • I will create a terrific banjo practice area.
  • I will be deliberate about learning songs.

I'll blog a little more on each of these, soon.

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