Friday, November 20, 2009

Bloody Brain and Voice Transformer in the mail

We all face a scarlet conclusion / But we spend our time in a dream

My Bloody Brain and Voice Transformer have arrived in the mail while I was away at G2E in Las Vegas.

Bloody Brain and Voice Transformer

This brain looks a little small, like the last one. I guess all brains look smaller than you expect them to.

The voice gadget has 5 different binary switches...

5 switches...

...for different voice disguise effects, shown on the back of the box. where are the other 23 permutations?

If I can find a good setting for Monsieur Mallah's voice and a good setting for Brain's voice I'll buy a second gadget. I hope so. I saw some ventriloquist acts on the G2E Variety Entertainment Showcase Stage this last week...

Willy Brown & Woody at Global Gaming Expo in Las Vegas Romeo, Taylor Mason and Paco the Pig

...and I'm looking forward to trying out some of the schtick.

This has been a Monsieur Mallah and Brain costume update.

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