Sunday, November 8, 2009

Planning my next obscure comic-book costume

Halloween is just over and we're still months away from Comic-Con, but it's not too early to plan my costume.

I'm thinking Monsieur Mallah. Which means, of course, that I'll also need Brain.

I will rock you like a baby, I will, / Cradled in my arms, / I will keep you safe from danger, / Shelter you from harm

These two are like Tristan and Isolde, if Tristan were a super-intelligent, French-accented, bandolier-toting male gorilla and Isolde were an evil scientist whose bitter rival turned him into a brain in a jar. The tale of the two star-crossed lovers was best told in Grant Morrison's epic run on Doom Patrol where we saw Brain (temporarily housed in Cliff Steele's Robotman body) confessing his love for Monsieur Mallah...

Kiss me, Mallah!

...before the two were tragically and explosively torn asunder.

(The less said about the repeat of this plotline in Salvation Run, the better. Ugh.)

If I want models, DC has sells a set of small action figures called Mallah's Revenge:

I've already got the gorilla costume, given to me many years ago by the redhead. I've used it in a few costumes over the years.

2002 USA Gorilla 2005 Gorilla French Maid

So that's a lot of the costume right there. The rest is just choosing among accessories:

Bandolier Belt Red Wool Beret Pink Prop Brain Decoration Brain Bloody Brain Gelatin Mold Glass Dome Pocket Watch Display Metallic White Mini Wastebasket Clear Plastic Hemisphere Magic Lights and Sound Ball Walkie Talkie Headset 6 x 24 Inch Stainless Steel Pipe Two-Tone Harmony Waste Basket Deluxe 5 Voice Disguiser

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