Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Banjo versus TV: The Rules

The rules, shown as a Venn diagram, from a presentation I gave for Toastmasters.
I'm going to lay down some rules for Banjo versus TV.

What counts as banjo:What counts as banjo but not TV:
  • Banjo-related instructional DVDs and shows.
What counts as TV:
  • TV.
  • TV shows or movies on the Internet, on DVD or on video.*
  • TV shows on a plane.*
What counts as both banjo and TV:
  • TV shows that are about the banjo. (I'm going to stretch this to include, for instance, the 7 episodes** of The Beverly Hillbillies that feature Lester Flatt and Earl Scruggs.)
  • Banjo-related TV shows or movies on the Internet, on DVD or on video.*
What count as neither banjo nor TV:
  • Blogging about it.
  • Instructional DVDs and such. (For example, I'm trying to learn American Sign Language and I have some ASL DVDs.)
  • Listening to banjo music. Too easy. (No, not even the Sirius Bluegrass Gospel Train on Sirus Bluegrass, which I tape every Sunday Morning.)
  • Movies on a plane.*
  • Movies in the theater.*
* Added this clarification on Jan 9, 2007.

** Jed Throws a Wingding (6 February 1963), A Bride for Jed (18 March 1964), Flatt, Clampett, and Scruggs (31 March 1965), Flatt and Scruggs Return (16 March 1966), Foggy Mountain Soap (14 December 1966), Delovely and Scruggs (29 March 1967) and Bonnie, Flatt, and Scruggs (20 November 1968).


Jim said...

J.R., thanks for the clarification on these rules. Do you have a bit torrent tracker handy for those 7 episodes of the beverly hillbillies? :-)

Nice meeting you tonight.

J.R. Jenks said...

Good to meet you, too. Hope you enjoy your lessons at Flatts & Sharpe as much as I've been enjoying mine.

No, I don't have torrents. But one of the Flatt & Scruggs episodes will be playing next week:

Fri. Jan. 18 6:00 PM TVLAND A Bride for Jed #2.24
Sat. Jan. 19 1:30 AM TVLAND A Bride for Jed #2.24

Set your Tivo!