Saturday, January 12, 2008

Frank Jenks

Here's something new for my wish list. I'd like to gather all of Frank Jenks' appearances. So if you're ever wondering what to get me, root through the bargain bins at your local used DVD store and see if you can find any of the more-than-160 movies and TV series that Frank Jenks appeared in.

Frank is a somewhat-distance relative of mine who started off in vaudeville. From 1933 to 1962 he was in movies and TV. He died of cancer before I was born and is buried in Inglewood Park Cemetery in the Los Angeles County, California.

Gathering all of his appearances will take a while. This post will be sticky; that is, I'll keep it updated as I round out the collection.

What I've got

  1. Christmas in Connecticut (1945), which I recorded from TCM On-Demand on 1/12/2008
  2. The She Creature (1956), which I'll be recording off of AMC on 1/16/2008 4:45 AM CST.

What I need

  1. Everything else listed here

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