Saturday, June 28, 2008

For (Granny) Goodness' sake

Is there anyone who doesn't think that Granny Goodness is a terrific costume for J.R.? Anyone? Yes, lowlie child? You in the green and yellow outfit? Did you have something to say?

Ma'am, no ma'am!

I didn't THINK so.

Then, hearing no objections and with a tip of the hat to the artwork of the great Jack Kirby...


...I'm pleased to present this year's costume for Wizard World: Granny Goodness.

Granny Goodness and (DC Marketing Manager) Matt Keller at Wizard World Chicago 2008

There's more to come as I find time to blog under the Granny Goodness label. And I'm sure there will be other people blogging and posting about the costume. It was a real hit and lots of people wanted to have their picture taken with Granny. Like this little child from, oh what was that planet's name? Oh, yes. From Krypton.

Granny Goodness and Superbaby at Wizard World Chicago 2008

Granny loves her children.

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