Monday, June 30, 2008

(Almost) Everybody Loves Their Granny

I'm working on a Granny Goodness costume how-to, similar to the one I created for my Plastic Man costume last year. But it will probably be the weekend before I finish it.

In the mean time, let's check in with the Internets and find out what people are saying about GG. (I'll update this over the next few days.)

  • Fri 6/27: Comic Related says "Wow! Just wow!"
  • Sat 6/28: David Henry shows his love for Granny in "Day 1- The Warm-Up Act"
  • Sat 6/28: The New Adventures of Queen Victoria uses Granny for a joke in Saturday's strip.
  • Sun 6/29: ElDave has a nice photo and says, "This guy was -awesome-." Thanks, ElDave!
  • Sun 6/29: MJNolan1 posts a photo that demonstrates how Granny Goodness shouldn't be viewed from behind.
  • Sun 6/29: The John Byrne Forum has another great photo at OT - Paul’s favorite Granny, with a whole lot of comments. A sampling:
    • This was, by far, my favorite costume I saw all weekend as well and the guy had a great sense of humor too.
    • I'm in love.
    • You sick...
    • That is.....awesome.
    • An uncanny likeness.
    • Two responses started, two responses deleted (by me). I think I'll just leave this one alone :^)
    •  ...and many more
  • Sun 6/29: Jinxworld's The Wizard World Chicago Photo Thread has a Granny photo and discussion, starting with "There are some things that should never be seen and one of those is a guy in a Granny Goodness costume."
  • Sun 6/29: Another photo, another comment at Big Time Attic: "Oh, and I LOVED that Granny Goodness costume. The guy who was in the suit said that the one thing he wished was that his mouth was 30% wider."
  • Mon 6/30: Regarding the photo at ComicMix' Wizard World Chicago 2008: Photo Gallery Wrap-Up, commenter Russ Rogers says:
  • The Granny Goodness picture here is priceless. Even my four year old daughter loved that picture. She said, "That's a Super-Grandma! That's funny!"
  • Mon 6/30: AICN's Ambush Bug describes "the fun that goes along with taking a whiz beside an old dude in a Granny Goodness costume."
  • Mon 6/30: Brett says "[t]he creepiest costume had to belong to the guy dressed as Granny Goodness" and is weirded out by me getting that Superbaby photo.
  • Mon 6/30: citizenDave has a photo of his Granny.
  • Tue 7/1: jakze took a photo from the Shortpants Press booth. (The artists of artists' alley really got the costume. Love live Jack Kirby!)
  • Tue 7/1: bmwz4hotguy started the Wizard World Pics thread on the Wonder Woman section of the DC Universe message boards and included a photo of Granny. People's comments included:
    • "Granny Goodness is perfect."
    • "Yes, I'd agree that Granny was the best! Now there's someone I could be afraid of."
    • "And... Granny Goodness??? Who'da thought somebody would dress as her?"
    • "Granny Goodness was absolutely divine."
  • Wed 7/2: Of the Granny GOODNESS! photo, M. Jason Robards says, "This guy had to be the happiest guy at the show."
  • Wed 7/2: Over at PhotoBucket, bzahlong says, "Frightening. That's all I'm gonna say..."
  • Wed 7/2: Also at PhotoBucket, Detective2416 has a photo of Granny and The Defuser The. Actual. Defuser, people!
  • Wed 7/2: Speaking of, at the Who Wants to Be a Superhero forum on they've got some pix of Granny and The Defuser. They say, "So that's Granny Goodness! Yeah, be careful around her, TD... She's one of Darkseid's bunch!" But they needn't worry. The Defuser knew exactly who Granny was. ("Where's Mr. Miracle? Where's Barda?" he asked me. The man knows his comics.)
  • Wed 7/2: swimeddieswim has a pretty good photo, cropped and everything.
  • Thu 7/3: Granny is foxy enough for Foxy's Convention Photos
  • Sun 7/5: Granny is Image 33 of 54 in's Wizard World Chicago 2008 Contest
  • Mon 7/7: Hello Kello has some advice on going to a con, including:
    Take Pictures: I took like 5 pictures, and they don't quite convey the fun we had. I did get a sweet picture with a guy who was a little too into his Granny Goodness identity. He made for one ugly woman.
  • The 7/8: Peng calls me the "most courageous man i've ever met," which is very nice. One of his readers points out a design flaw in the costume, which is embarassing.
  • Fri 7/11: HollywoodChicago talks about Granny around 13 minutes into Episode Three of their podcast.
    I don't know what would have made him think, 'I'm going to dress like a supervillian of the opposite sex from thirty-five years ago.'
  • Tue 7/15: Writing about The Wrath of Con, Jet Ski Ham says:
    Costumes: Nothing like sweaty polyester to keep the sane at arms' length, though I have to give that one guy props for dressing as Granny Goodness. Takes balls, kids.
  • Sun 11/30: Jerzy Drozd, who teaches comic art, says, "During my recent trip to Wizard World Chicago, I was delighted to see a grown man dressed as Granny Goodness."

You like me. You really, really like me. *Sniff*.

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El Dave said...

When I said awesome, I meant it. Loved your costume and how much fun you are!