Monday, November 24, 2008

Ladies and Gentleman, The Royal Moose Jug Band!

Remember our family jug band that I told you about? The one that will be getting together over the holidays?

Well, we've picked our jug band's name. Join me inside my mind, won't you, and imagine our introduction.

Welcome, ladies and gentleman, to that great vacation spot in Branson, Missouri: The Royal Moose Lodge.

Our next act, a family act, is making their world debut on our stage. They're a newly-formed jug band and they've just blown into town.

Blown into town? Get it? Is this thing on? Okay, then.

Please put your hands together, then take your hands apart, then put your hands together again, then apart, then keep repeating that process for...

...The Royal Moose Jug Band!

The name was suggested by the redhead and was approved unanimously.

We've even got some artwork, provided by our first chair slide whistle:

You can hear us already, can't you?


Anonymous said...

yes i can hear us. we blow. hehe

Daryl said...

What are you doing, DARING Palin to come into Illinois?

David said...

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Anonymous said...

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