Monday, December 14, 2009

Endings month: A cappella endings

Endings Month

Here's an easy ending trick that works well for songs with meaning: the a cappella ending. Basically you drop the instruments and just sing.

Some options:

A demonstration of that first option at 1:30 of the Austin Lounge Lizards singing One True God:

That's one of my favorite Austin Lounge Lizards songs. Unfortunately the first line — "You say your god is the one true god but my one god is the one true god..." — got clipped on that video.

Speaking of the Lounge Lizards's irreverence, here's another example of them doing a cappella for the first verse (0:28 to 1:18) and as a penultimate ending by repeating the last line (2:35 to 2:41). The ultimate ending is a banjo tag at 2:42.

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