Monday, December 14, 2009

Endings month: Remember variety

Endings Month

An important lesson that my banjo instructor, David, emphasized when we were discussing my endings month project: Remember the variety. Don't just play the same ending for song after song.

I'll illustrate, but first I'd like to apologize to Barry Scott and Second Wind for using them as an example of what not to do. Sorry, guys. But you did put yourselves out there on YouTube.

So here's what not to do. Two years ago YouTube user wright98 posted several recordings of Barry Scott and Second Wind. Listen to what they play at 2:27 into I'm Waiting To Hear You Call Me Darling...

...and 2:40 into I Want To Live Beyond The Grave...

...and 2:27 into Oh What A Day.

It's the same ending lick. All three times.

These guys have great rhythm and wonderful voices but — just judging from this small sample set from 2007 — their single way of ending makes them come off as unpolished and repetitive.

When you're jamming or especially if you're doing a set on stage, make sure you vary your endings.

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