Monday, April 30, 2007

Cutter Summit 2007: Monday Miscellany

You'll find half the value of an event like the Cutter Consortium's Summit 2007 in the discussions that take place before and after the keynotes, roundtables and what-have-you. Some of Monday's best conversations:

When working on an estimated project, maintain a list of unknowns and keep it visible.

SnapLogic does what Yahoo! Pipes does, but it does it with all kinds of feeds/sources and not just RSS.

Book recommendation: The Devil in the White City.

Clients often ask you to do things that aren't a good idea, but they think they're helping you by having you do the things. In this case, a good approach is to show them a side-by-side comparison of the things they asked you to do and the things you recommend that you do. It gets the discussion right out there in the open.

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