Friday, April 6, 2007

Subversion on LinkStation #1 - Plan

I'm a source control freak. I keep all of my important documents in Subversion. OK, I keep all of my unimportant documents there, too.

I recently decided to set up a Subversion server on a LinkStation, replacing Archie, the Windows-based Subversion server that I've been running for a couple of years. Archie sucks up a lot of electicity, makes a lot of noise and hasn't been as secure as I'd like it to be.

Josh Carter did pretty much the same thing and he documented it in his article, "Build Your Own NAS/Subversion/Web/Anything Micro-Server". Unlike Josh, I'm going to use the FreeLink firmware (Josh used OpenLink) and my server is going to be dedicated exclusively to Subversion (Josh added Netatalk for Mac-friendly SMB sharing).

My LinkStation, which I purchased for US$284 at my local Best Buy, is a model HD-HG400LAN.

That means it's got a 400GB IDE hard drive, 266Mhz PowerPC processor, 4MB of flash memory, 10MB/100MB/1GB ethernet and two USB ports.

So here's my plan:
  1. Plan (done)
  2. Set up LinkStation (done)
  3. Be able to recover from a firmware mistake (done)
  4. Install Linux (done)
  5. Linux Security and Settings (pending)
  6. Install Subversion on the LinkStation (pending)
  7. Configure Subversion (pending)
  8. Backup procedures (pending)
  9. Uninterruptible power supply (pending) (reference)
  10. Import from previous Subversion server(pending)

Next: Set up LinkStation

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