Monday, April 30, 2007

Cutter Summit 2007: Rob Austin Keynote "Learning from Expert Innovators Around the World"

Here's my by-the-bullets recap. If you want a more considered discussion, go to Ed Yourdon's blog. (Ed is sitting next to me as I type this.) (Hi, Ed.)

  • VIPP designer trash cans were marketed as a fashion item. Cites article "Dansk skraldespand pa Louvre".
  • Companies either compete on cost ("Buy mine, it's just as good but cheaper.") or they compete on value differentiation ("Buy mine, it costs more but it's better.").
  • "Expert assembly by European craftsmen."
  • The action is on the revenue side of the income statement.
  • Wal-Mart's midlife crisis (which is the cover of this week's Business Week).
  • In the long run, can you compete on cost against new brands from China and India? Rob's answer: No.
  • China has more honor students than the U.S. has students.
  • Something the CIO of an insurance company executive said to Rob recently: "Chunk it, routinize it, digitize it, automate it and send it offsore."
  • IT needs a new trick.
  • Are the common principals, processes, and practices in use by acclaimed innovators across a range of fields?

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